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Iowa ARES® Winlink Saturday
Coordinated by Muscatine County ARES®
Everyone is welcome to join in!

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The goal of Iowa ARES® Winlink Saturday is learning and practicing the use of the Winlink programs to prepare for their use with the agencies we intend to serve, as well as supporting ARES® itself.

ARRL IA SET 3-23-24

We will be practicing the various message forms we can expect to be asked to use.

Messages are to be sent any time on Saturday, Central Time.

Specifics for Check-in weeks:
Use the basic Winlink Check In template which is in Standard Templates, in both GENERAL and MAPPING-GIS forms.
Enter WINLINK SATURDAY, using the Setup button.
In Comments: call sign, first name, city or town, county, state, mode (Winlink HF, VARA FM, VHF packet, etc.)
Example: WB0GAG, Bruce, Muscatine, Muscatine, IA, VARA HF
Fill in the remaining entries as you wish, but make your location data accurate "enough".
You can save your data for reuse with the Save Check In Data button.
If you don't want to include your own phone number, use (any area code)-555-0121, which is not in use anywhere in North America.
Click the Submit button and follow the prompts.
Send any time Saturday, preferably by radio (RMS), although you can use Telnet if you are just starting or can't get a radio connection.
Eastern Iowa and Illinois are on 145.610 MHz, packet Winlink. We are working to extend deeper into Iowa.
Send to IAWINLINKSAT or WB0GAG. Check the exercise scenario for any additional addresses.
Peer to Peer (P2P) volunteers are welcome and don't need to be available for the whole time. Notify WBØGAG of the hours, band and mode you want so it can be added to the web site.

May 25, 2024


This week we will practice the Radio Net Log.
Start a new message and select Standard Templates > GENERAL Forms > Radio Net Log.
The log will record the net used to demonstrate Ham Radio to the public and to safety officials at a Public Safety Day demonstration. Hams with handy talkies and at home stations will check in and out to showcase our ability to provide backup emergency communication.
Click Setup and fill in your city's name and "Public Safety Day". Use "Public Safety Day" as the incident name.
You are the NCS. Fill at least 3 rows.

Enter any "Sender's Comments or Additional Information" you wish, beginning with "EXERCISE, EXERCISE".
End your message with your
call sign, first name, city or town, county, state, mode (Winlink HF, VARA FM, VHF packet, etc.)
Save a copy for later if you wish, then click "Submit" and follow the prompts.

In the message composition window, make sure "Send As:" is set to Winlink Message.
Check "Request message receipt" if you wish a confirmation message.
Set "To:" to WB0GAG or IAWINLINKSAT. Add any others you would like to receive the message.
Set "Subject:" to Iowa Winlink Saturday.

When you are satisfied with the message, click "Post to Outbox".

Send as normal. If you have no radio capability yet, use telnet.

Specific suggestions are welcome, especially incident scenarios and which forms to use. Planned scenarios include: