Iowa Winlink Monday
Coordinated by NØOZ

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The goal of Iowa Winlink Monday is to enable learning and practicing the use of the Winlink programs to prepare for their emergency communications use with the agencies we intend to serve.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Send exercise messages to N0OZ.

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Thank you for participating in the IOWA WINLINK MONDAY! This net is specifically for practicing emergency communication utilizing WINLINK. Check-Ins will be accepted anytime 0000 through 2359 each Monday Central Time.
ONLY HF/VHF connects will count. Telnet will not be accepted.

November 27 EXERCISE

This past Monday we worked on utlizing a GPS report after sliding into a ditch. I'd like to thank the following operators for participating.


This past week we celebrated Thanksgiving and we are going into WINLINK Monday. It happens to be Cyber Monday which means all electronics and online shopping deals start to happen.
With that being said, we will do a regular winlink check in form this week. Next week we will do another scenario. IF you end up buying HAM gear this week let us know what you picked up!

Exercise Exercise

A massive cold front moved into the area over night causing unexpected icing. You attempt to make your way to work only to find yourself sliding off the road. Send a GPS report to your local HAM friends so they can help get you out of the ditch. To find the GPS report go to general forms, then GPS position report.

Exercise Exercise

Ariel, NØOZ