Iowa Winlink Monday
Coordinated by NØOZ

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The goal of Iowa Winlink Monday is to enable learning and practicing the use of the Winlink programs to prepare for their emergency communications use with the agencies we intend to serve.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Send exercise messages to N0OZ.

Thank you for participating in the IOWA WINLINK MONDAY!
This net is specifically for practicing emergency communication utilizing WINLINK. Check-Ins will be accepted anytime 00:00 through 23:59 each Monday Central Time.
ONLY HF/VHF connects will count. Telnet will not be accepted.
Hey Folks,

Sorry for the hiatus, getting this restaurant ready has been taking up a lot of time. I appreciate those that have been checking in regardless of my email reminders.

I have winlink up and running again! See you on the air


We will do a regular Winlink check in form.

Exercise Exercise

Ariel, NØOZ